Periodontics Gum Therapy

What is Periodontitis ?

Any infection of the vital teeth supporting gum tissue is known by the terms Periodontitis, commonly called Periodontal Disease. This infection can originate from a simple gum infection known as Gingivitis and when left untreated can develop into a complicated disease. Periodontitis may lead to loss of one or several teeth to even increasing the risk of heart attacks among several others. The root cause behind the infection of the soft gum tissue is that Bacterium and other pathogenic agents form plaque which then turns into the more solid tartar that eventually causes the infection. The ideal way to prevent Periodontitis is by maintaining a good oral hygiene by regularly brushing and flossing. Regular check ups by your dental practitioner can help you identify plaques at an early stage. Gum infection can itself be slowed or even stopped depending on one’s level of dental hygiene. Gum problems are best resolved by a Periodontist who is a dental practitioner with a specialization in Periodontitis.